The daughter of two creatives, I come from a little town in Northern California called

Santa Rosa, where our claim to fame was that we were the hometown of Charles

Schulz (Peanuts creator). My mother was a seamstress who created many awe

inspiring costumes for me and a select few friends on the side of her own small

business. My father was a talented illustrator and musician who worked as a director of

maintenance at my school district. When I was nineteen, I moved to San Francisco to

study Graphic Design and lived there for two years. Then I moved permanently to

Orange County after pursuing an internship with Disney. I define myself as a unique and

tenacious artist who defines life with passion in everything I pursue. I like creating art,

including pieces for my line Found jewelry, as well as reading and writing. I am an avid

beach mermaid although I like hanging out on the shore more than the water. There I

find I can create and inspire many new ideas. I also love both darkroom and digital

photography. The technical aspects of these hobbies fascinate me. In my future, I see

myself owning my own business. I have several ideas and I am currently waiting to see

which one sticks. I would love to have a design business of my own that includes a

fashion brand and my Jewelry line. Another idea I have is a restaurant concept.

Photoshop 70%

Illustrator 80%

XD 50%


Everything has beauty and purpose. We should design with both in mind. Everyone is

unique, and has something to say or add to the world. Design is a process, many

different viewpoints or perspectives are needed to gain a whole idea.


TsumTsum- Gaming/entertainment 9/10. I like this game because it is Disney, is very

cute and playful in design, and allows me to unwind and become a kid again. The

events are very fun and include unique ideas such as puzzles, baking badges, etc. The

only thing I would change about it is the functionality. Sometimes points or characters

get deleted which is unfair and frustrating and since it is based in Japan is not easily

fixed or accessible.

Titanium- Education 6/10. I have to be honest and say I have a love/hate relationship

with this app. On the plus side, I can look up syllabus and grade information relatively

easily. On the negative side, there are many technical flaws such as assignment

submission and access problems. But it is my lifeline while I’m a student. I am glad

there is an app that can help me communicate to my professors and classmates while

also checking my grades, reading class information etc all in one place.

Instagram- Lifestyle 8/10. This app allows a user to both connect with friends and other

people outside their immediate area across many platforms. I follow artists I like, brands

I wear and topics I find important all in one app. The search page is really fun as it offers


you catered interests that an algorithm thinks you would like based on your follows and

previous searches. Lately, it has been showing me adds for companies which I am not

fond of, and some have been fraudulent but for the most part it is a great way to interest

with the world around you, near and far.

Pandora- Music/entertainment 9/10. This is a music platform. You can search for radio

stations and create playLists which as an artist I find very helpful and inspiring. I have

three favorite stations. One of my favorites, Dangerous Dames Radio, is an all female

artist station with a lot of range and talent. I find it easy to unwind or be inspired to

create while listening. I would prefer it to be offered for free without ads, which is

distracting, but since it is a free way to listen to music, it is a small downside.


1984- 19 years Santa Rosa, Ca  Usa  Birthplace, hometown


2004- 2 years San Francisco Ca  Usa  Studied Graphic Design


2007 2 weeks Abroad  Europe  Traveled to Paris and Amsterdam.


2011 4years Santa Rosa, Ca  Usa  Moved back home.

2011 8 months Anaheim Ca  Usa  Internship with Disney.

2011 6months Santa Rosa, Ca  Usa  Moved back home.

2012 8years  Orange countyCa  Usa  Permanently moved to Orange County to pursue BA