Design Brief

The Purpose of the design is multifaceted. It is at it's core a promotional piece for an upcoming show called Activate 2020! However, this design process was used to create materials to educate the community about the arts offered at CSUF as well as encourage neighbors of the school, friends of students and faculty, and other members of the community to feel welcome to this event. There is a feeling of " Hands off" for most galleries. This is not true for this installation style show. The design process is to expand people's view of the gallery into the surrounding outdoor space.

The target audience for this design is varied. Students and faculty are the core group of invited attendees. The further target audience includes neighbors, friends and family who include multiple age groups and ethnic backgrounds. For both audiences, use of motion graphics and color are important to quantify attendance.

The overall message of this event is to engage members of the community outside of its normal scholarly network. New ideas and a sense of breaking the "normal" rules of a gallery are secondary but also important to boost engagement.

The competition for this project is class to class. Only certain designs will be accepted as design motifs for a screen in which motion graphics will be displayed. Advertising materials will also include logo. The biggest challenge is to create a logo that will fluidly move into a motion graphic setting and integrate itself fully through design aesthetic. Others have included catch phrases like "Create", "Bold", or "Sculpture" to express messages pertaining to the show and it's backgrounds and also use of color and abstract shapes has been popular. Examples of industry events here:

This design challenge is expressed through the keyword "Activate". Many times when looking at art it becomes static, hanging on a wall, you can't interact. With this show we are aiming to express a new type of show, one in which the audience interacts with the pieces showcased and communication spreads through these ideas. Some terms that come to mind include Imagination, Motion, Energy, Process, and Communication.

The goal is to get the audience to have a moment of absorption. In other words, for the screen to grab their attention and hold them to the idea expressed so they can fully experience the message of the show.